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Ideal Makeup Products for Spring

Spring so far has proven to be a mix of weather here in the UK. Some days it’s hit high temperatures which is ideal shorts weather and other days it’s been rain with a hint of wellies.

Makeup just like the weather changes on season type by colours that are in, products you need more of and the products that need going away till next season.


For any day of the year no matter the weather you NEED to wear SPF. No excuses! This can be worn as a base or mixed in with foundation to give that gorgeous fresh look but still protecting your skin. Personally for me, I opt for a tinted moisturisers with hyaluronic acid that gives the dewy look as well as providing protection without drying me out. I fully recommend the Colourpop Pretty Fresh foundation for spring. Note that colourpop is cruelty free also, the easter bunny has not been harmed!

All baking products like my go to Fenty powder get’s put to the back of my makeup draw until summer comes and we arrive at oil station.

When it comes to blush, apply lightly to compliment the fresh look. One of my current faves is the E.l.f putty blush! Currently £6 @ Superdrug. Sparingly apply to give that flushed appearance. ELF are also cruelty free!


For eye makeup, pastels are so in! They have to compliment the easter bunny’s fur of course! Pastel pink, purple, blue and yellow are key colours for this. You don’t have to do a full cut crease, experiment with pastel liner this season! I recommend Glisten Cosmetic liners.

Opt for your regular cat eye liner or if you’re feeling like experimenting further you could try to do a graphic liner style! if you’re struggling for inspo, head over to my instagram makeup page for tips and tricks 🙂


New trends, especially for spring mean that matte liquid lip is no more that is so 2016. It’s all about gloss and hydration. With the spring weather I would highly recommend going for lip balms with spf in them to protect your lips in the long term whilst looking pretty.

My goto lip balms for this are particularly Blistex @ Superdrug and Korean beauty brand Innisfree lip balm @ pureseoul. Feel free to go for pink lip stains too, apply a gloss over them and you’re all set for spring.

Remember, makeup has no set rules! You do you and play around with the trendy pastel shades or pink easter egg like blush!

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Hope you’re all taking care in these odd times. My blog is going to be abandoned much more along the next few months, my studies are all over the place and take priority. – Beth x

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  1. The weather in Denmark has been like that too! Today it’s cold & cloudy.
    Yes! SPF always needs to be worn regardless of the weather! The Colourpop tinted moisturizer sounds nice & I’ve been loving glosses lately!


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