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How to Treat Yo Self This Valentines Day

Valentines can be depressing if you’re alone sometimes, it’s even harder in a pandemic not having anyone to cuddle up to but as long as you have yourself and self care what does it matter! I’m gonna show you some ways to treat yo self this Valentines and put all your love back into yourself!

Pamper night

Valentines or not you deserve a pamper. Soak yourself into a warm bath with your favourite body wash, my favourite has to be the huge ones you get from Avon! Massage your head with some fruity smelling shampoo, put some calming music on as you lay in a blanket of bubbles (just don’t fall asleep). When I’m done having a long soak, I like to get into a comfy pair of pyjamas and moisturise, do my nails and do my skincare routine. All are great forms of self care and a way to make you feel better if you’re a bit down this valentines day.

Bake something sweet

I have a major sweet tooth, the best thing about valentines is all the chocolate shops sell, if you’re single like me at least you don;t have to give any chocolate away! Gather some ingredients and make yourself some heart shaped sweet treats, my friend Karalee has a valentine dessert recipe here.

Shopping spree!

Use this day to treat yourself to that new makeup product you were wanting. Maybe theres an eyeshadow palette you’ve been dying to get your hands on? Or a new game? I have treat myself to some candles from TKmaxx, they smell unreal and are valentines themed. You can never have too many candles right? i’ve also splurged some money on Disney stuff, Lilo and Stitch is one of my fave films and I went al ittle crazy with funkos and merch.

Celebrate with friends or your pets

Every year, me and my mum along with my sister exchange gifts and cards. It brings us together even more and of course I can’t forget my two dogs. Alfie and Jake get plenty of treats for valentines, I get them something heart shaped that is safe for them to eat. I treat them like they’re my princes! Dogs don’t break your heart and are always there to give kisses when you need them.

It’s been along time since I wrote here, things have been extremely stressful with my access course work! Exams and essays are not my friend at the moment. Thank you to everyone who still listens to me talking absolute rubbish, all support is appreciated! And thank you to The Blog Brew for always being there for me. Check out the girl’s post below 🙂 take care – beth x

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6 thoughts on “How to Treat Yo Self This Valentines Day

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  1. Lovely post!! ✨💞 These are all wonderful ideas! I especially love the shopping spree and celebrating with friends/pets ideas! Buying something nice for yourself once in a while is a great way to reward and treat yourself. I also agree that celebrating with pets is always a good option! Kitties will never break your heart, either. They always seem to know when you’re down and offer cuddles when you need them the most. That’s probably how I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day this year! 😄 I’m wishing you the best with your exams and schoolwork! I hope all goes well!! 💖

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  2. I think I’m actually going to celebrate v-day with myself this year! I never have before, but I’m planning on getting some dark choc, a good film/book, and a little bubbly and just enjoy the evening. I hadn’t really thought of a pamper night until reading this, so I think I’ll have to add that to the agenda! Hope things get better soon and that school isn’t so overwhelming x

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  3. Even though Valentine’s Day is generally associated with couples, there’s nothing wrong with showing yourself love! I love having a pamper night & baking!
    That’s so sweet you give your dogs Valentine’s treats!

    Liked by 1 person

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