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Gift Guide for Students

Being a student can be a trying time financially and when it comes to Christmas going shopping is the last thing on your mind. As a student myself, I have been so swamped with assignments that Christmas is one thing I haven’t thought about. Nonetheless, here is a gift guide from one student to another and all at affordable prices.


If they’re living at university or even still at home it might be a good idea to gift them with blankets or pots and pans for when they live off a diet of pasta. Blankets are a great idea to go hand in hand with the winter months, it’s also ideal to wrap around you whilst in a zoom call lesson.

Charcoal Grey Teddy Blanket – £7.50 @Wilko

image belongs to wilko

Perfectly fluffy to keep you warm through the winter nights.

Plate set – £10 @Dunelm


Every uni student needs plates and cutlery, all the really boring but essential things. This 12 piece set is a bargain for £10!

Cutlery Set – £10 @Wilko


Another very basic but needed product for a student. You can’t eat takeaway forever!

Yankee Candle Medium – £9 @ASDA


Every-time I attend and online lecture I love having a candle burning on my desk. It can be a calming scent to get me through the stresses of the workload. I’m sure your recipient, no matter what gender would love a candle. It can cancel out the awful smell of their cooking too.


Of course you can’t go wrong with this next one, we always need pens or more postit notes. Here are some cute and much needed items for under £20.

6 Desk Organisers – £20 @arteza


A desk tidy is another essential, this was we don’t get assignments or notes mixed up. This would be a really helpful gift to help someone stay organised.

Henley Set – £11 @WHSMITH

Along with the desk tidies I mentioned, this set of stationary is really helpful as it has pens, pencils, sharpeners, sticky notes and memo pads. All for a bargain of £11.

Gift cards

If you’re really unsure what to get them, a gift card is one of the safest options. The majority of retailers stock cards, supermarkets stock them also. They have dining out ones, clothing, shoes, beauty and xbox gift cards.

Go follow these lovely ladies in this collab! Such supportive gals that always post fab content.

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My studies and workload have meant that my posts have really slowed down. Thank you for the continued support. Take care – Beth x



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  1. These are some really great ideas for students. I especially love the desk tidy, that would look great on my desk.


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