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Why You Should Blog – Blog Collab

Today is National Writing Day and to celebrate I want to inspire some of you to start blogging. I have teamed up with a bunch of other amazing bloggers who are all talking about different awareness or celebratory days in the month of June. I am here to bring you a post about this day so we can celebrate all things literature.

I always adored learning english ever since I was about six years old, I used to make my mum give me spelling tests on ridiculously hard words and I would read books that were alot more advanced. That carried on through secondary school, college and now into my adult life. I studied journalism for two years because of how much I loved to write and tell stories. When univeristy fell through, I took to blogging instead.

You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to set up a website, for free, and start rambling on about thoughts or your interests. It can be used as just a hobby or full time hustle.


It’s a way of journalling

My blog is full of everything I think, see, know and experience. Just like a journal but it’s public and out there for people to see (so make sure you don’t say anything mean). Blogging is a form of story telling, you might have heard this story in my previous blog posts but I started my blog from my love of writing and wanting to tell a story about how rubbish a makeup product was.

It will improve how you write

Even though I have always been great at English wether it be language or literature, there are some words I can find hard to spell. When I started blogging there were words I struggled to spell but after learning from my trusty Grammarly I have been able to grasp how to spell them correctly. That might be a little thing thats a bonus but it’ll help you tell stories much better too.

You’ll learn when writing

I have to do research even when I am writing about somehting I know, for example if i am talking about an eyeshadow palette I’ll do my research on when it was released or what ingredients go into it. During my research on multiple topics I always uncover facts I never knew. Did you know some companies crush beetles to make red eyeshadow? No? You do now.

Blogging opens doors

Personally I have known bloggers in the communtiy go onto writing books that get published, news outlets pick up their posts, we make friends, make money and even get business opportunities.

Blogging doesn’t have to be posts that are written perfectly, express yourself, rant and rave, talk about the things you love!



This is our third collab and I just want to say I am so very happy I met this great bunch of girls. We are a very tight friendhip group and have been helping eachother get through this lockdown! Make sure to follow them all down below! Can’t wait for the next on girls x

If you would like to follow me for beauty and lifestyle content my links are below. Take care and I’ll see you all soon – Beth x

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  1. These are such sweet & awesome reasons to give someone in order to get them to start blogging! I love that blogging is an extension of one’s thoughts & opens up the doors for so many amazing things xx


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