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Korean Skincare Haul

After watching numerous K dramas I was blown away by how every single actor/actress has glass-like skin with no imperfections. I had heard I had looked at YesStyle but the shipping time I was quoted was unreal and I was worrying about potential customs charges! So after searching around the web, I came across a site called PureSeoul .

Theyre UK based and it only took 3 days for my items to arrive to me. I spent just under £50 which wasn’t bad at all to say I bought 11 items in total. Let’s dive into it and I hope you enjoy watching me practically throw away my furlough pay, gotta be done though!



Laneige Sleeping Masks (face and lips) £3.80/£4.90

These masks cost just under £5 and they’re fantastic. I might do a review at some point but I bought these beacause i wanted something lightweight to wear through the nightime that doesn’t feel oily but still gives moisture to the skin. Buy it here.


Etude House Lip Tint £4.80

I got this in the shade OR202 . I thought the orange shade would look so gorgeous and I have always wanted to try a lip tint the doesn’t get taken off easily by things I eat and drink. This tint is waterbased and comes in a range of shades. Buy it here.



 Etude House Cleanser & Toner £1.90/£9.80

I read a article of theirs talking about 10 step korean skincare routines and this came up as an option to use when double cleansing so after I read five star reviews I caved in and bought it. Along with a trial sized toner to try. I paid £9.80 for 150ml of cleanser which I don’t find too bad at all. I’ll be posting about my updated skincare routine soon but let me tell you, this wash is amazing! Buy it here.



A’Pieu Sheet Mask £2.30

Sheet masks are a major step in the 10 step routine! This one was just calling to me, the packaging was gorgeous and the fact it was pineapple scented enticed me even more. Buy it here.



Banila.Co Clean It Zero Balm (4pack) £12.80

These balms have 4 different types as each type does something different. They all work with a double cleanse routine! I decided to get the set so I can try different ones and see what’s best for me. Theres the original, purifying, revitalising and moisturing balm that comes in this pack. Buy it here.




This company was so kind to send along these freebies with my order. Two are trial size and one is a full sized sheet mask! Products feel 10x better when they’re free, am I right? I obviously used to mask about 10 minutes after unboxing my order, my skin has been glowing since.




I love showing you things I’ve bought when I am desparately trying to save money, oh well. Shopping is a form of self care and lord knows we need it right now. Take care – Beth x





(I haven’t been asked to make a post mentioning this brand. I just wanted to support them as they were incredible with customer service and delivered everything to me quickly. All is bought with my own money! )

12 thoughts on “Korean Skincare Haul

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  1. So glad I came across your post. I fell in love with Etude House when I went to Japan and I didn’t realise you could buy them in the UK! I love the idea of a Sleeping Masks, I bet your skin feels great in the morning. I love sheet masks, have you tried the InnisFree ones? They’re great! I love the sound of the A’Pieu one, the packaging is so cute! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t break out with the sleeping masks so I am so happy about that one. I haven’t tried the Innisfree ones 😦 But they have a cherry blossom collection that I am dying to try. The pineapple mask smelt so amazing and my skin was so hydrated. x


    1. RIGHT! It’s better than the clinique pep start and I was obsessed with that. The Laneige one isn’t greasy at all, is it! Love it and glad you like it too x


  2. I love Korean skincare! They are doing something RIGHT! I love that all of these products are super affordable. You got the whole set for such a great price. Ooooh love the balm – they look cute!! Hope you will enjoy them all!

    Nancy ♥


  3. I love korean products too! I’ve been seeing so many good reviews on the Banila Co clean it zero cleansers as well as for the Laneige Lip Masks!!! I think I might have to look into it now. So much love 💕


  4. I have heard of Etude House before, but I haven’t tried anything from them. The lip tint looks nice & the A’Pieu sheet mask looks so cute & I love that it’s pineapple scented!
    That’s awesome they included freebies with your order!


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