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Two Year Blog Anniversary

19th of May 2018 my blog was officially launched. It was something I had debated for a very long time but in the end, although I had no experience, I jumped straight into it and here we are two years on!

I have mentioned this here and there but the reason I started blogging was because of how much I enjoyed writing and I really wanted to rant about a rubbish makeup product I’d wasted my money on. To be honest when got everything set up I hadn’t really done any research into blogging because I thought it would be a doddle… WRONG. It can be hard wrapping your head about ways to get more views, earn money or have your posts show up on Google.

Two years on and I am still learning so much about what I do as my side hobby. I almost gave up many times, there were times where I felt like my content was useless or that no one wanted to be friends with me in the community. But it’s so easy just to give up, and if I had I wouldn’t be where I am right now.



I have had a lot of achievements, I don’t compare them to anyone else’s like I used to because I know if I do that I’ll be majorly disheartened. My first one was managing to increase my DA (domain authority) to 13. It’s not much but it’s better than 3 when I started.

I have managed to start getting paid opportunities which is absolutely fantastic, 90% of my posts aren’t paid but it’s nice when you get paid to do something you enjoy. It took me a while to get to that point because it all came down to DA.

Sometimes I can still feel like an outcast on a bad day but I have made some fantastic friends in the community whom I couldn’t be more grateful for. I have a bunch of girls who I currently collab with too – you can find that post here for the collab we all did.

Of course, I have had some lows too. If someone paints a pretty picture and make out it’s been a smooth ride then they’re either lying or not human.


I would say downfall wise in my two years of blogging is the consistency of posting. It can be tiresome when you have to get lots of posts ready and scheduled to go up on your blog. My consistency has been all over the place, sometimes laziness and sometimes something comes up in life. I wouldn’t say there are many more downfalls, I just keep making sure I am always kind and supportive to others in our community to avoid a negative vibe.


Goals for the future

I want to make sure I am increasing the traffic to my pages with the correct marketing tools. More paid opportunities would be great too, I think more will come if I blog more consistently.

I just want to keep blogging and keep enjoying what I do without any drama or negativity. One main goal is to also take more photos for my page, I see bloggers with incredible photos and then I realise mine might not look so great so they’re definitely things to improve on.

Always keep going and making the content you love, you’ll have that breakthrough at some point. If you’re thinking of starting a blog and need help, read my post here.


My blogging has been somewhat slow because I’ll be totally honest, I have been so unmotivated. My mental health is poor at the moment too. Just want normality back! Take care – Beth x





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  1. Happy 2-year blogiversary!!! Such a wonderful thing to have accomplished. I had no idea that we started our blogs in the same year (in reality, I began mine in Autumn 2016 & kept it up for a few months, but I properly relaunched in July/August 2018). Consistency & overall improvement are definitely such a huge part of the blogging journey, and I wish you continued success with your space! So glad to have met you through Instagram & blogging xx


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