10 Things to Do Whilst in Self Isolation

The UK and most of the world is now on lockdown due to the coronavirus which means you can only drive to and from work, go out once a day to exercise and only go to the shop for essentials. It’s a testing and trying time for us all and I have only been without work since Thursday but I am already going slightly mad, I wanna give you some ideas for what you can do whilst in isolation/lockdown that can curb boredom and potentially help low mood.

Before I get into the list I just want everyone who is reading this to know no matter how alone we feel and how scary this all is we will get through it. Please be kind to each other in this time. I am scared just like everyone else but please hang in there. If you end up feeling really low, the Samaritans are operating as normal, call them on 116 123 or visit MIND for advice on how to cope.


Read a book/books

I am currently reading After Pt 2 by Anna Todd. I read the first one years ago and watched the movie on Netflix. I bought the book so I didn’t have to wait for ages for the second movie to come out, with all this extra time I think I will be able to read most of my bookshelf. You all have enough time to read now, even if it’s a book series you have read before like Harry Potter or Twilight, read it again. It’ll help your mind come away from the current madness we are living in.



Watch a TV series

There are insane amounts to choose from, Amazon Prime has a variety of programmes to stream,  so has Netflix, 4oD, BBCIplayer. Some are free and some are paid for. It’s really good to have something to invest your time into, I have just finished watching Sex Education and now I am watching Lucifer on Amazon prime.



Create Art

You don’t need an expensive art kit of paints and markers to create something great! Get some paper, a pencil and a pen and just go berzerk. Here is a link for you to do art with minimal supplies. I personally love to paint, before lockdown I went and got loads of supplies from Hobbycraft so my paint was stocked up. My recent painting was a willow tree on the lake, it was a gift to my mum for mothers day. If you’re serious about learning to do art better go on Skillshare, I used it before and highly recommend!


Sort/Organise clutter

Perfect time to sit down and gut through all your clothing, clutter and things you don’t use anymore. Bag them up and take them to a donation centre or charity shop (check if they’re accepting at the moment due to COVID-19). Organise your wardrobes or makeup drawers, throw out what out of date in your food cupboards. Now is the best time to sit and gut the house.

Start a blog

This is the perfect time to start a blog when you have all this time! If you’re struggling to get started then follow my post on how to do it here. My fellow bloggers, this is the perfect time for us to give our blogs makeovers and create new content. I have been able to schedule so many posts to save me the stress of writing them hours of days before. Find something you love and talk about it! Even blog about life during lockdown.


Give yourself a makeover

Nothing wrong with how you already look but there is plenty of time to invent a new you. But by this, I don’t mean shave off all your hair, but maybe I do. Treat yourself to a new look, I cut all my hair off recently and it was a great experience which I looked better at the end of. Get some tan on, paint your nails, shave, exfoliate. Just treat and pamper yourself.



Even though it doesn’t cure depression for some, it does help. Get your trainers on or get the dog and walk. Or if you prefer to stay inside then do a home workout, there are thousands to choose from on Youtube all for FREE. I have been using my allowance of one walk outside a day to take the dog on a 5-mile run. You don’t have to be extreme, just keep moving.


Movie marathon

There is plenty of time to watch all 8 Harry Potter films at once or rewatch every Star Wars film to ever be made. Use the time to make a list of all the movies you’ve wanted to watch but never have actually got round to doing. For me, I want to watch: •10 Things I Hate About You •Dirty Dancing •Bohemian Rapsody.



Learn a new hobby/skill

Guitar? Learn it. How to sew? Learn it. Play the piano? Learn it. There are multiple videos on how to learn these things, people have uploaded lots of tutorials on youtube for the things you most want to learn. One of my new hobbies is cross stitching and it’s something I want to keep working on.

Learn to cook/bake

Cooking is a skill that I probably need to attain as my expertise only lays in cooking eggs on toast. It could be really good to learn how to cook especially of you’re a uni student who has had to come home for a bit. Learn to bake so you can bake your family a cake that says happy isolation!



Hope you’re all staying safe during this time, remember to follow advice from your government to ensure minimum exposure potentially to the coronavirus. Please look after yourselves. Take care – Beth x





(some photos are my own, others are from Pexels)

7 thoughts on “10 Things to Do Whilst in Self Isolation

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  1. I’ve been doing a lot of these! I live in a rural area of the US, so I’ve been taking my dog on countless walks around our yard/down the street (where there’s not any people) throughout the day! I’ve also been blogging, reading, rediscovering guitar, and working on my online classes. Organizing and decluttering is a great idea too, I’m hoping to do so over the next few days! Great post!

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  2. Such good ideas! I’ve been declittering my room, trying to keep up with my Instagram blogging that way, but I want to get back to blogging on here! Will have to give it a try! Keep safe!

    Catherine x

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  3. These are great ideas, Beth! I’m out of work at the moment, so my days are mostly made up of workout, blogging, Netflix, chill, reading. I would like to add in some more baking though, I’m planning on doing some Easter cupcakes next week which I am excited about. Thanks for sharing your suggestions, hope you are keeping safe and well ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    Liked by 1 person

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