4 Eyeshadow Palettes You Need for Beginners

I have done some posts here and there for beginners when it comes to makeup. I began makeup 2 years ago and I still have some things to learn but I can honestly say it has improved so much! Before I knew how to blend properly or how to use colours correctly I stayed away from big, bright and colourful palettes. So in this post, I am going to talk you through 4 eyeshadow palettes you need as a beginner in makeup.

When I started out, playing it safe colour-wise was essential, the palettes I am going to show you are mainly going to be warm, neutral palettes but some may have a pop of colour. I have used all the palettes I am including in this post, the majority are purse-friendly too! Feel free to follow my Instagram to see how I use these shadows!

It can also be more helpful to use the correct tools and prep your base properly. You don’t need to do it like all these Instagram mua’s do, a bit of foundation or concealer on the lid would do nicely. Shadow brushes I’d recommend for starters is anything by Spectrum, Zoeva or BH Cosmetics.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

This palette is my go-to every single time, it has a perfect colour story for someone who loves warm tones but also wants to experiment with colour from time to time. It is on the pricier side but Jeffree’s formula is incredible. The shimmers are amazing, they can be intense or dulled down. Absolutely perfect!


 £52 Beautybay.com


Violet Voss Holy Grail

As you can see from my image for this post, my palette has been absolutely battered from all the usage. Most of the shadows have hit pan because it was my most used palette for two years, I used it for liner, cut creases, everyday looks, you name it. Would 100% tell everyone to buy this one. I love the red tones in it too.


(£43 Beautybay.com)

BH Cosmetics Summer In St Tropez

This one is a lot more experimental colour story-wise. I love BH’s formula, even the Carli Bybel palette from way back in the day. The shimmers are so beautiful and will bring a pop to any look you do. You can get braver with the colour story, it’s all about playing around and seeing what works.


(£12.50 beautybay.com)


BeautyBay EYN Fiery Palette

I don’t use this palette often but I like the fact that this has a very warm tone colour story, hence the name ‘fiery’. This has some dark enough tones to deepen up the crease and to do liners. The shimmer shadows are also stunning. The price of the palette is extremely cheap too in comparison to the others mentioned.


(£10 beautybay.com)

Starting in makeup is scary and eyeshadow was one of the steps I found extremely tough. Another thing I’d recommend is when you’re starting out try not to aim to do dramatic looks. It’s taken me two years to master using black eyeshadow when creating smokey eyes! Good luck!

I have been a little mia recently but it’s been one of those times where life has been a bit too much but I am getting back on track now and getting back into blogging – Beth x














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  1. Wonderful recommendations! I haven’t used makeup much, but I think your tips and suggestions here are very helpful. They would be a great place to start! And I love the colors of these palettes, especially the Blood Sugar one. 💄😊


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