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Dating Resolutions for 2020

In the past, I have spoken about relationships, either when I have been in one or been single. I have been on all sides of the spectrum. Currently, I remain single for multiple reasons, mainly to work on myself before jumping into anything with anyone. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t get to know people and see where it may lead.


As a singleton, you can sometimes feel lonely or pressured to be with someone but it’s all about taking it at your own pace. I was the same and still am, preferably I like to take things slow and never rush.

I have resolutions for my dating life this year. Even though last year I had some horrible experiences in relationships and had my heart broken I was able to learn lessons about how important it is to always look after yourself in a relationship. This year after learning those things I would like to start getting back out there, back on the horse so to say. Dating can be quite hard, but I have teamed up with to hopefully make the journey easier for me and you. For me personally, I prefer free dating sites or apps.

Let’s go through some of my resolutions for dating this year!

Have fun

Make sure I can have safe fun on dates, loosen up a little more and not be afraid to be more humorous in front of potential partners. It can be hard not to seem a little scared of having fun when you feel nervous, as long as it’s safe then let’s all go for it and have a laugh.

Don’t rush

Sometimes I have panicked about not knowing where I stand with someone so then the relationship has been insanely rushed to feel as though we were getting to the point of being ‘together together’. Rushing a relationship can easily head for disaster. So let’s say my lesson has been fully learnt when it comes to the speed of things.


Still enjoy my own life

It’s quite easy in a relationship to become fixated on your partner’s life and hobbies. Now, I want to make sure I can still be engaged in a relationship with someone and at the same time focus on my own life without losing track. It’s essential to always look after your wellbeing and mental health in a relationship as much as it’s important to make sure you are carrying on with your hobbies.

Being open

Being open is key and sometimes it can be tricky. But I aim to be able to be more open in relationships by not feeling like I cannot talk to my future partner about things that may bother me about them, myself or the relationship. Finding someone you feel you can talk to openly and fully is always an indicator that they are a great match for you.


I now know to always have an open mind, not to pressure myself or any situation when I am dating. Hopefully, some of you can relate to my resolutions.

Beth x




(Disclosure – I was paid to write this post but all opinions are my own)

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  1. Being unapologetically yourself is always the best when it comes to getting to know someone! Obviously they will get to know you more and more as time goes on, but it certainly helps if both individuals are already showing each other their unfiltered personalities 🙂


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