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10 Makeup Products You Need for Beginners

When you start out in makeup, it can be hard to find what you like and what suits you. Unfortunately it’s all trial and error. If you don’t know what you’ll need to begin practising then carry on reading!


Even if you’re oily or don’t appear dry,  moisturiser is essential to prime your face for foundation. It helps products glide on and sit nicely on the skin. Not sure which type of moisturiser you need for your skin concerns? Don’t panic, follow this link to choose the right type.


Foundation is KEY and is most likely the hardest thing to find the best match for. It can create a matte or dewy canvas but it’s all personal preference. I have tried numerous foundations so if you need any opinions or recommendations, just ask. Usually, it’s easier to go get matched, my tip is going to multiple makeup stands and get matched as sometimes they can get the wrong undertone.

Face powder

Face powder is essential. It is to help set the face for the longevity of makeup wear, and also keeps oils at bay. One thing you have to be careful of is what you’re using the powder for, if it’s every day then most powders are fine. If it’s for flash photography you need to get a face powder that doesn’t have flashback. I use the Laura Mercier Powder which is so amazing!


Contrary to popular opinion but, when you apply highlight, you don’t need to look like the tin man. Applying highlight to the high points of your face can help you look more lifted and adds definition. It has now become an essential to have in a makeup bag. Follow this link from L’oreal Paris to see how to apply highlighter and choose the right shade.


You don’t have to use blush or bronzer if you don’t want to. As a beginner, it can be VERY intimidating. Blush helps to give a livelier, more natural touch to a makeup look. It can be worn with or without foundation. The same goes for bronzer/contour, it can be scary to try and sculpt out your face. But if you struggle with where to put it, follow these helpful guides below.

Bronzer guide from Musely.
Blush guide from Buzzfeed.

Brow Pencil

Brows are also a key feature to a look. It’s not essential to walk around with mega Instagram style brows but just to add some definition to them always helps. For me, having an entire kit made it easier to do brows. I have a kit by Benefit Cosmetics which allows me to groom my brows and make them pop too.


Once again an essential. You would have to pick the type of mascara you want, there’s curling, volumising, fluffy, defined, false lashes. I currently use Lash Paradise by L’oreal. Get it here.

Nude Eyeshadow

When you’re living out of your makeup bag for a while or while you’re travelling, having a nude eyeshadow palette is essential as it can be used for all sorts of different look types. My go-to is by Rimmel London, you can buy it from Amazon here.

Lip balm/lip gloss

Multicoloured liquid lip shades aren’t essential but what is is lip balm or gloss. It’s nice just to have something with a slight tint of colour to bring some life to the lips too. I use plumping glosses and Blistex lip balm.


Maybe it seems a bit obvious to mention sponges and tools but we can forget to include them sometimes. Sponges for foundation shouldn’t cost a fortune and neither should brushes, but they are vital for foundation application.


Something different today, hope you enjoyed it though or found it helpful. Also thank you for the kind birthday wishes last week, take care – Beth x





5 thoughts on “10 Makeup Products You Need for Beginners

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  1. I’m shocked to find out that I’m actually applying bronzer & blush the correct way for my round face shape :’) I love sticking to the basics & keeping it natural, so this is such a great guide xx


    1. I have really oily skin and a small budget so I like to use the Maybelline super stay foundation! It’s brilliant if you’re oily x


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