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Lunar Beauty Strawberry Palette, Should You Buy?

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! on the day of posting it is my birthday so I’ll leave you all with this post. Enjoy!

I received this palette for Christmas from my sister, I had commented on how pretty it was the last time I was in the Morphe store and to my surprise I opened it on Christmas day. Although I personally didn’t like the brand owner at the time due to ‘dramageddon’, I was instantly drawn to the product.

The shade selection is truly gorgeous, out of all the palettes I have seen (trust me, I have seen a lot) this colour story is quite unique in comparison to all the other palettes on the market. There’s shimmers, mattes and even beautiful pressed glitters for you to dip your brush into.

In regards to packaging, some people take it or leave it. The packaging on this is absolutely stunning and it has a 3D mood on the cover. I did worry at first that the 3d element was going to cause problems when slotting my palette into the tub I use for palette storage, it’s fine though.  The mirror inside is rather large too which is fantastic as you don’t have to squint to see what you’re doing. Heres the craziest part, when I was using it I wondered what I could smell. It was something really sweet, turns out, Manny actually made the shadows with a strawberry scent! How cool is that? That’s definitely another selling point. But, let’s quit rambling and see how this palette performs.


Matte shades

LBSD Matte Swatches

Shimmer shades

LBSD Shimmer Swatches


These shadows just blend so beautifully, I didn’t have to struggle. The pigment is also gorgeous, not much fall out in the pan either. I did use a base for the shadows like I always do, that is the P Louise Base in shade Rumour.


I 100% recommend that you buy this palette, you will not be let down. It has something for extra glam days or just the plain jane days. Get the palette here if you’re from the UK. Or if you’re from the US, get the palette from the Lunar Beauty site here.

Today is my birthday so I’ll see you next Friday for another post! If you want to, feel free to follow me on Instagram and see the looks I created with this palette. The link is below. Until next time, take care – Beth x

3 thoughts on “Lunar Beauty Strawberry Palette, Should You Buy?

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  1. Happy birthday for the 10th, I hope you had a wonderful day! I’m actually not familiar with this brand or eyeshadow palette but the packaging is gorgeous. It’s got to be one of the nicest eyeshadow palette packaging I’ve seen. Also, I agree with you about the unique colour story, it’s a very interesting palette. The shimmers look incredible, eugh, now I want the palette, lol. I love the eye makeup look you created too. What eyelashes are you wearing? They look awesome


    1. Thank you for the comment and birthday wishes. The palette is absolutely stunning and I was honestly blown away by how great the formula worked. I’ve worked with a lot of eyeshadow formulas and sometimes I can be brutal when criticising them but, this blew me away. So gorgeous too! My lashes are from either in the style sassy or dolly can’t fully remember but the best lashes out there! x


  2. Ahhh happy birthday again! Hope it was a lovely one 🙂 This palette is gorgeous!! If I was super into eyeshadow still, I’d definitely be lusting over this one; I love the look you created with it xx


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