2020 Goals


Goals for the new year

2020 already, it’s absolute madness. 2019 went by so quickly it was actually scary. But, here’s to the new year and here are my goals!

Fully invest in my blog

Not necessarily monetary wise, more of time-wise. This year I have been quite lax or poor mental health has made it that I can’t be bothered to blog anymore. Seeing the views and how much they’ve gone down is somewhat of a wake-up call that I need to keep posting/being creative with content so people don’t get bored. I hope to increase the visits and hopefully get around 1.5-3k for 2020. I have so many ideas planned and am wanting to get into a proper posting routine. I now have a MacBook too so I can write my blog at any time, any place.


Get invested back into makeup

Once again, this year I lost touch with makeup, down to mental health and other reasons. Other reasons being sometimes I became frustrated with the makeup community, working my butt off and not getting recognised. Also having looks stolen added to the frustration. It hurt and I kind of gave up, I had the mindset where I wasn’t creating for me anymore, I was creating for the approval of everyone else. I have obviously been given a lot of makeup gifts this Christmas so I have no excuse not to be experimenting with colours and new looks.

Screenshot 2019-12-29 at 14.06.18.png

Increase fitness

I’ll say increase fitness instead of weight loss because the words ‘weight loss’ have a negative stigma around them. I am wanting to get fit and get back into looking after my body, not just my mental health. I find that when I am looking after my body it helps my mind out too.


Get organised

My organisation skills are awful! I don’t just mean organising things I need to do, I mean my living space too like my wardrobe, bedroom, social schedule. Get organised and stay organised. My mum was kind enough to get me a Harry Potter diary for Christmas so now I have no excuse to be all over the place.


Volunteer more of my time to those who need it

More and more I become aware of those bang on my doorstep who are struggling, struggling with abuse, drug abuse, poverty, homelessness and starvation. I want to give my time to helping people in need alongside everything else I want to achieve with my life. I would like to work with animals at some point, so help out at an RSPCA shelter or something of that nature. In January I’ll be donating some unwanted Christmas presents to women’s shelter in my local area. It’s nice to be nice and I encourage you to do the same.


Growing my followers

I know followers aren’t everything, but from a brands point of view they take into account your followers and that is one of the main factors when they decide if they want to work with you or not. I’d like to reach about 2-3k on Twitter and 1-2k on Instagram. Feel free to help me out by following my links below.


Get recognised by brands

This year I was recognised by some brands but the interaction was very limited. 2020 I’d love for a brand to repost me, share my looks, post me on their profile/story. I’d just love to get some recognition from brands that I love.

And here to hoping 2020 is better than what 2019 was! What are your resolutions, let me know in the comments below.

Have a safe and happy new year guys. All my love, see you in 2020 – Beth x




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