Updated Eyeshadow Palette Collection

My family of palettes has expanded, I feel as though I now have enough colours that I can hold off collecting for a bit.  On my Instagram and even some blog posts I have showed my growing collection of warm-toned shadows and rainbow-infused shadows. I do a lot of eye looks with these over on my Instagram.

Alien Palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I can say this goes up there with my top 3 palettes of all time, the formula is amazing! Extremely opaque and the colour pay off is insane. I was bought this for Christmas but it’s definitely worth the price point seeming as the pans are substantially big. If you have worked with purple shadows before you’ll know that they are very temperamental, sometimes they perform great and other times it’s a hot mess. This purple is perfect, out of this world!



Blood Sugar Palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Again, this palette is in the top 3 favourites. The colour layout is perfect and I’ve managed to create so many different looks from it! Apparently, he’s releasing a part 2 to this and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. Be aware though that the pink and red shadows do stain, unfortunately.



Ultimate Brights by NYX

A colourful combination of colours with the tiniest pan size, it’s at the bottom of the drawer because I hardly reach for it anymore. When using it you truly have to keep working with the colours and layering until fully opaque. It’s good if you’re starting out and want to experiment with bright colours.

I still have a couple of palettes left on my wish list but I’m starting to need some sort of better storage for all of them! If you’re UK based you can buy the Jeffree star Palettes from beauty bay and the NYX one you can get from Boots.


I really hope you enjoy posts like these, any feedback is always appreciated and love is returned! Thanks – Beth x

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5 thoughts on “Updated Eyeshadow Palette Collection

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  1. These are some gorgeous palettes and I love the looks you’ve created with them. My favourite is probably the Alien Palette but ththat’sats mostly due to the fact the purpurplelle shade is called ‘Area 51’. 😅

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