Valentines Day 2019 – What’s​ the Best Thing About Being Single?

Valentine’s day, the one day of the year where everyone seems to be a lot more loved up than normal. The past fortnight every shopping website I have visited has hearts and lovey-dovey things plastered all over it. It seems to be that it’s a day just made for those people that have someone to share it with, so what are us singletons supposed to do? Well, let’s celebrate the best things about being single. Also note that I am not trying to say that relationships are bad, in this post I’m strictly trying to embrace single life.

I don’t need to panic about my appearance 

There’s not much need for me to be precise about upkeeping a squeaky clean appearance, by that I don’t mean let myself go and be disgusting. I just mean I don’t need to have my makeup on all the time, don’t need to shave my legs and I can wear the most granny like underwear you’ve ever seen.

No unnecessary arguments

I have an issue with arguing all the time with people I care about, especially when my emotions come into play.

Jealousy, who’s she?

I feel like being single means that I don’t have to worry about being cheated on or hurt. Even though every guy I have ever liked has still caused a lot of pain/damage to my feelings. But not having a boyfriend means I don’t have to worry that there’s someone else out there that’s better for him than I am.

No food sharing

I am a major foodie that will NOT share food, it’s good that I have no one to share it with right? I just can’t bear to share food with others, pizza is too good to be shared.

Bed to myself

I love nothing more than my bed, I wriggle around a lot in my sleep too so it’s good that I’m not gonna be rolling onto someone anytime soon.

Do what you want when you want

You can do whatever makes you happy, you don’t need to rely on a partner to go everywhere with you. You don’t have to miss out on things you love doing because they might find it boring.

You only buy for yourself

You can spend £15 in Mcdonalds for yourself, you don’t have to add on the extra £10 to pay for someone else. It’s a win-win, more money for me to buy makeup.


Thank you to the bloggers who told me their best things about being single!

I’m seeing in yet another valentines day being single, somewhat enjoying it too. Hope you enjoyed this post, it’s slightly random but it came to me at 3am the other night! Also, I’m nearly at 1k over on twitter and 500 over on Instagram so if you would be so kind and click my links below, I DO follow back! Take care – Beth x

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