Nottingham Christmas Market – Blogmas Day 18

Christmas markets are another great thing about Christmas, I would love to be able to visit the Nuremberg market in Germany! But for now, I best settle for Nottingham, I took some beautiful pictures and wanted to show you around. Feel free to see more images of this market over on my Instagram.

Every year it’s more or less the exact same setup, an Ice rink in the middle of the market, a big bar/restaurant attraction in Market Square and a long row of stalls that are independent businesses selling handmade and generic items. It’s packed with hot chocolate stands, handmade fudge stands and stands where you can buy a reindeer burgers. Not the most appetising on the last part.

FYI this smelt so good when I walked past! No reindeer burger at this one just good old Yorkshire’s.

A place for hotdogs and burgers! Again, it smelt beautiful when I walked past.

Of course this image was taken about two weeks ago when I went to the ice rink in the day time! It was the perfect idea of winter and Christmas.

This is the alpine bar and grill! I wanted to visit here but it was absolutely jam packed, there’s was no chance of us even getting a sniff of the front door.

Of course there is a beautiful huge tree in the middle of Market Square! Simple but stunning.

Me and my sister enjoying the festivities 🎄

How stunning is this market? It’s local to me and it may be small but it does a good job every time. Let me know your favourite Xmas markets in the comments! Take Care – Beth x

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