Makeup Must Haves for the Holiday Season – Blogmas Day 15

The holiday season to me means glitter, gold eyeshadow and red lipstick! I have been doing some holiday glam over on my Instagram, feel free to have a look and try some bits out yourself! In this post, I’ll take you through my must-have products for this holiday season.

Highlight/glowy skin

Glowy skin will resemble the glow of the fire or the tinsel on the tree, I love it because as mentioned previously I love to look dewier in the winter months when my skin is dry. With highlight, I am not afraid to cover myself in it!


From glitter liner to lipstick to loose glitter, it all needs to be worn at Christmas time. For liner, my go-to is Glam Crystals by Collection. I have been using them for a number of years! They stay put, don’t flake and are very opaque in one coat.


I have been loving lashes from a company called Glamify Beauty, I wanted something that resembled Pinky Goat quality but just not the price tag! I am by no means affiliated with them just have been loving their lashes! The holiday season needs a fluffy lash to accompany it.


For me, lipstick is easily the department I am boldest in. Around Christmas, it has to be a burnt orange shade, deep magenta or a true red.

Hope you enjoyed this post! We have gone past the two-week mark of blogmas, I am trying to slow down a little to take time away to enjoy my own festivities! Anyway, take care – Beth x

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