My Best Memories of Christmas – Blogmas Day 12

This year will be my 20th Christmas to experience, I cherish every moment of it and love making new memories every year. I wanna go back to the best memories that stuck out from all the christmases I experienced. Enjoy.


Bratz Gift

I remember one year I received a Bratz mansion that I absolutely adored. My mum and dad were kind enough to also get me a Bratz Rock Angels Bus too. I could have cried! 7 year old me was content.

(Image from Pinterest)


Alfie’s First Christmas

When we first got Alfie he was only a couple of months old, I would’ve been 9 or 10 and I remember he got so excited he peed all over this purple Winnie The Pooh nightgown I had. He would also play with the wrapping paper, he’s 10 now so he’s retiring from a hectic Christmas!

Apple Mac

My mum and dad were so amazing a bought me an Apple Mac 3 years ago so I could carry on making film and keep up my journalism work. 3 years later it’s still going strong. I was almost crying when I opened it.

Last Christmas

Last Christmas was easily one of the best, I shared the day with my best friend Jake and my family. We swapped our gifts which were iconic and hopefully I have topped it this year as we are coming back together for round 2! The day just seemed perfect and I genuinely cant wait for this time around.

School Plays

Now I was always cast as an extra but I remember one play so vividly, I must have been about 7 and I remember us all standing in the classroom in our Christmassy costumes. My cape was golden and tinsel was all around me. I remember feeling so nervous but then saw my mum in the crowd of people with my big sister. That was always the highlight of Christmas at school.

Christmas Cards

No one seems to really do them anymore, but rewind back to primary school, I’d love to see the pile of cards that were for me from the other kids. I’d take them home and put them in this holder my mum had on the back of the living room door. I’d love sitting down and writing out all of my cards! Nostalgia alert!

Natalie’s and Beth’s Christmas Eve tradition

Growing up, me and my big sister Natalie always had this tradition where we would buy crisps from Tesco’s and Pringles and we would spend Christmas Eve watching films like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, yes, I know it’s a “Halloween” film but it was always special to us!

Jake the dogs arrival

Go back 6 years ago, I was 15 and I asked for a huge teddy of a dog in the Argos catalogue. It walked and barked and it was about £200! I remember my dad saying that it would be better just to have a real dog instead, so I hopped online and found a photo of this puppy chewing a bauble. It was of course Jake but his name was Keith. Then I remember one December evening, my mum and dad walked in with this tiny puppy called Keith. Never forget that Christmas! The photo below is jakes actual puppy picture!

Let me know your favourite memories below, I hope this post may have sparked some nostalgia or made you laugh. Hope you’re all enjoying blogmas too! Take care – Beth x


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