Debenhams Christmas Beauty Event – Blogmas Day 9

Rewind back to Thursday this week, I was attending a VIP beauty event at Debenhams in Nottingham. it wasn’t something exclusive I was invited to for a blogging thing it was just purely for any customer.

We were told when we bought the tickets 2 weeks prior to the event that we would be given a goodie bag upon arrival, there would be a bar for free drinks and the store would only be open to VIP ticket holders. Let’s say that wasn’t the case.

When we got there, the store hadn’t been closed for just ticket holders as promised. It was still full of normal customers going about their day doing some Xmas shopping. I found a member of staff to ask if we had to check in with someone to say we had arrived but she said that she hadn’t been told anything so we should go to the manager. After that, I went and spoke to about 5 staff members and no one genuinely had a clue what was going on.

Eventually, the prosecco started being pored and a crowd gathered to get their freebie. (Please note, they were serving prosecco to people way under 18!)  No announcement was put out and no one instructed us on what to do. We then got told that no one was allowed a goodie bag but then people were just going and grabbing bags. Then all of a sudden we were allowed one, confusing, I know. But the catch was that it wasn’t free, it was only given to you after you made a purchase at a counter.

The event in itself was so poor, staff didn’t seem bothered and I hate being negative but the day was spoilt because it was a shambles. I still tried to make something good of a bad situation though, so I took advantage of the 15% off and raided the makeup section.

What I bought:

Laura Geller Life Glows On Highlighter Palette 


 RRP £22, Discounted Price £19.60

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 


RRP £33.50, Discounted price £28

Clinique – Beauty Sleep Set


RRP £29, Discounted Price £24.65

Clinique Anti-blemish Solution


RRP £16, Discounted Price £13.60

Also, the lovely girls at the Clinique counter threw some freebies in for me which consisted of a mirror, mascara and 4 trial sizes of skincare.


Benefit  B Bright! Skincare Set


RRP £12.50, Discounted price £10.62

Day 9 ticked off, just wanted to stop and say thank you so much for all the support! My stats have gone crazy and everyone has been so bloody lovely! Thanks to everyone. Take care – Beth x

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