Black Friday Haul – Blogmas Day 8

The pros of November means that we are 1 month closer to Christmas, I can start listening to Christmas songs without being judged and we are also blessed with Black Friday. I tried my hardest not to cave in over the various days of deals, but I gotta save money and the sales certainly helped me.

I wanna show you the absolute bargains I picked up in this post. Hopefully, they will have all arrived by the time of posting this! I am so excited.


I tried not to go overboard because I was attempting to save money for mas so I only bought things I needed.


  1. Makeup revolution powder – RRP £5, Black Friday Price £3.50
  2. L.A Girl Matte foundation – RRP £10, Black Friday Price £6.99
  3. Mario Badescu Rosewater spray – RRP £7, Black Friday Price £4.89
  4. Makeup revolution concealer – RRP £4, Black Friday Price £2.79

Glamify lashes

So I came across these on the web and fell in love with the style of lashes completely, they were advertising a gift box of three styles for £15 but there was a code to get 50% off.

IMG_2228 2.jpg

RRP £15, Black Friday Price £7.50


I am the most excited for this one, so I have always wanted something from colourpop but the only thing that put me off was the fear of high customs fees.  The beauty of Colourpop was that they automatically added my fees on to my total at a standard rate of $9.99, which translates to £7.79. Here are the products I bought:

  • No Filter Foundation in Fair 05 – RRP $12, Black Friday Price $8.40
  • No Filter Concealer in Fair 02 – RRP $6, Black Friday Price $4.20 
  • Ultra Matte Lip in WYD – RRP $6.50, Black Friday Price $4.55
  • Ultra Matte Lip in T’d Up – RRP $6.50, Black Friday Price $4.55
  • Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian – RRP $8, Black Friday Price $5.60


New look

Not makeup or skincare related but I was in need of an outfit for an upcoming event that I’ll be blogging about so I couldn’t decide between a skirt or a dress, so I bought both and also repurchased a necklace I had from there that I’d lost in town a while ago.

Skirt. RRP £24.99, Black Friday Price £11

Dress. RRP £16, Black Friday Price £8

Just over a week has gone by of Blogmas, I really hope you’ve been enjoying it so far! I’m so happy with my Black Friday deals, let me know if you got anything super cheap. Take care – Beth x

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(disclaimer: I didn’t buy anything that I wouldn’t use or that I bought for the ‘sake’ of it being on sale. Some people buy things they don’t need just because it was on sale, everything I bought was for me or for gifts)

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