Wet N Wild Review​

Wet N Wild landed in the UK last week so I placed an order with Beautybay as soon as it dropped. I bought 4 products altogether, 3 face items and 1 brush for packing on eyeshadow. Overall the brand seems very affordable, which if you’re like me and hate splurging with money then this brand is perfect. I picked the products that I knew the brand was mostly recognised for. So sit back and enjoy this review!

Photo Focus Face Primer Matte

Upon application, the primer was a lot more liquidy as I imagined to say it included silicone in its ingredients, disguised as polysilicon. Becuase it’s a matte primer the silicone obviously helps the product adhere to the skin and fight off any slick which could be in the form of liquids and oils. On the skin, it does decrease pore size which is great for me because mine appear quite large.

Now, oil control. The primer most definitely controls oils that my skin emits through the day but what I will say that when I applied it all over my face, my skin appeared flat i.e no definition. Because of the slight lack of definition from all over application, I just apply it to those areas that need no oil to be there so that’s my T zone.


The shade does slightly oxidise, the colour selection on the Beautybay site isn’t great right now as there are only 6 shades to choose from. The shade I purchased was soft ivory and it goes on as a perfect match but does oxidise a tad bit, not horrendously though. I have been using the foundation for about a week now, it’s drying down demi-matte without a primer, I’ve been to work on those days I’ve worn it and oh boy has it stayed put! The coverage is also very buildable which is great for me as my coverage preference does change from day to day. Powders and liquids also sit nicely on top of this. On their US site, there are 20 shades in the foundation, going from porcelain to mahogany so I am hoping that as time goes on, Beautybay will get these shades.


The shade is very similar to my everyday foundation from Maybelline 03 Superstay (left)

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

The highlighter is pigmented and stunning, but it’s way too dark for my skin tone. I knew how quickly people were going to snap up these highlighters so I picked the only option that was there. In all fairness to me, the photo displayed looked as though I’d be ok with this shade. I went out wearing this product and it was stripes of shadows, how embarrassing! The shades are not great selection so far on Beautybay’s site but the formula is great. My pan arrived from the retailer slightly smashed which I was pretty annoyed about but these things do happen. I can give a better review when they actually get a shade that will suit my pale skin!

Overall thoughts

My overall thoughts on the wet n wild products I have tried so far is that their formulas aren’t too bad it’s more of the shades available. I believe that beauty bay will extend as time goes on but for now I’ll probably have to buy a white mixer for the foundation. I’d definitely recommend Wet N Wild, it’s purse-friendly so whats not to like. In any review I do, I’ll always recommend to buy the product yourself and make up your own mind about formulas, longevity, etc. Remember that everything works differently for different people.

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