Glossybox Review – June Edition

After my last subscription box review, I decided I wanted to give others on the market a try. I came across Glossybox through a google search and just decided to give it a go.

I clicked on the option for a 1-month subscription plan which basically means pay-as-you-go for per box that you have. So each month it’s £10 + £3.25 P&P. Which brings this month total for my Glossy box to £13.25, not a bad price to say Birchbox is £12.95 (inc P&P).

Delivery for the box was fairly quickly, I ordered it on the 29th of June and received the box on the 4th of July. Which meant I only waited 5 days for delivery but as we miss the post on a Sunday it was only 4 days in total. My Birchbox took a whole week to arrive so Glossybox already did better with their delivery compared to the other company.

The packaging was pretty simple but sleek and chic. The box feels weighty and the cardboard feels quite durable. Inside the products are laid out on black shredded paper along with a card showing you the contents and the theme, the theme for this Glossybox was French Riviera must-have products.


Products I received – June Box


Monu Skin Eye Cool Gel,  RRP £24.95

Nip + Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix, RRP £9.95

Noven Mystic black Deep Hair Mask, RRP £11.95

Wilkinson Sword f.a.b Razor,  RRP £12

Laritzy Cosmetics Shade Stix, RRP £18

Total value = £76.85

Pros – One of the things I do like is that on the website they have a beauty profile for you to fill in so they can tailor their product choices to you and your skin/hair/complexion type. It feels a very personal touch which means then you won’t really receive products that you’ll just give away to someone as you wouldn’t use them. I’ll use the razor as someone who shaves regualrly this was a great product to send my way, the hair mask was a good choice for me also as it’s purpose is to help dry and frizzy hair which is exactly what I have.

Cons – The product choice in this box only included 3 products I would use which include the razor, the hair mask and the eye cool gel but that’s about it. The Laritzy Shade Stix they sent is way too dark for my pale complexion. It’s orange on me as it’s for deep skin tones, it’s also warmed toned which is a no and for contour, I only use cool toned products.

Would I repurchase – I have seen some of their previous boxes and they were much better than this June edition so I think I’m going to stay on the subscription and review the next box for you as it could potentially change my mind. As all subscription boxes are more or less a glorified “lucky dip” then you’ll, of course, have products in there that you’ll love and hate.  Again, I am free to cancel at any time but I want to see the July box so stay tuned for that oneas I’ll post a review.

Find Glossyboxhere

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I’ll have a review coming up on July’s Glossybox and July’s Birchbox. If you haven’t already, then please check out my last review here.

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